Experience luxury living in the Higashiyama area with its fascinating history and art.


luxury stay in Kyoto

Although it is an extraordinary space that has the status of a trip to Kyoto, it is set up so that you can stay as if you were living. We hope that you can use it like a villa when you stay in Kyoto.


Our hotel is located in Higashiyama and Okazaki.
The area is rich in history and art.
It also has excellent access to famous sightseeing spots.

We have a special plan only available on our website.
We will be happy to help you make memorable experience.

​The hotel does not basically include meals, but you can arrange a business trip restaurant or lunch if you wish.​ We also introduce recommended restaurants within walking distance.

How to spend at MASTAY

How to spend your time

You can cook together in the kitchen, worcate in a room with a desk, and so on. In addition, we also support surprise production for anniversary trips. Please contact us by all means once.

Peripheral information

Touch the atmosphere of Kyoto

Higashiyama-Okazaki area is a city of history and art. With our hotel as a base, you can enjoy the museums, cultural assets, and gardens that dot the city in a spectacular urban landscape overlooking Higashiyama.