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京都 観光情報 周辺案内 観光地 平安神宮 東山
Local area map
The Higashiyama-Okazaki area, where our hotel is located, is a city of history and art.​
From our hotel, you can explore the history and art of Kyoto, dotted among the stunning urban landscape overlooking the Higashiyama.
Recommended restaurants
A Japanese restaurant that is not accepted at first glance. Guests of the hotel can enter the store specially. If you are interested, please contact the front desk staff.
Please feel free to ask our staff about
the food spots near our hotel
A Japanese restaurant that is particular about not only the food but also the store. You can enjoy a meal made with selected vegetables and rice on the banks of Shirakawa.
A cafe where you can enjoy authentic Italian gelato with different flavors every month. There are exclusive discounts for our hotel guests. Please feel free to ask our staff for details.
 This shop specializes in traditional Japanese sweets, loved by both locals and tourists. The buns are handmade every day and the number is limited. If you are interested, please go so as soon as possible since this store is very popular. 
Tendon at noon,​ a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy Kyoto Kaiseki at night. You can enjoy Kyoto Kaiseki made by the owner of the ceremonial knife at a reasonable price. Reservations are required at dinner time.

Le Bac a Sable

A bakery owned by a French baker. You can enjoy a wide variety of homemade bread, including the main quiche. There are few shops that open at 7 am.
An old-fashioned coffee shop where you can enjoy a wide range of dishes. The breakfast available from 8 o'clock is recommended by our hotel staff. 
At lunchtime, there is a continuous line of udon noodle shops. The nostalgic aroma and taste of soup stock is loved by both locals and tourists.
A cozy charcoal-grilled chicken restaurant that is loved by local customers. Delicious yakitori, and sake is offered which makes a perfect pair.  Tsumugi is a 10-minute walk from the hotel.
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