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How to spend at MASTAY
The staff of HOTEL MASTAY Jingu-michi
We will propose a way of spending that suits you.
​ Please enjoy your time.
Visit tourist spots
​Tourist rickshaw Ebisuya
Departs and arrives near the hotel! An energetic rickshaw who is familiar with the town and history will guide you to famous sightseeing spots with photos and guides.
​ You can avoid the crowds and go around the hidden spots that are not listed in the guidebook.
​I recommend this hotel!
✓ ✓

I want to avoid crowds and visit sightseeing spots comfortably!

✓ ✓

​I want to take pictures that look good on SNS!

✓ ✓

I want to make an anniversary trip or make memorable memories!

​The hotel is within walking distance to major tourist destinations such as Heian Shrine, Nanzenji Temple and Chion-in Temple. This is a highly recommended way of spending time for those who come to visit sightseeing spots.
MASTAY special course
70 minutes

Visit the famous places in the Okazaki area at the popular Nanzenji Temple "Suirokaku"

Rickshaw tour with disembarkation walk & photo shoot


1 person use: 1 unit 15,000 yen

For 2 or more people: 1 to 10,000 yen / person

80 minutes

In addition to the 70-minute course, you can feel Kyoto in each season

Stroll around Shoren-in and Chion-in & rickshaw tour with photo shoot

* Because the autumn leaves and cherry blossom seasons are popular, please make a reservation as soon as possible.
* Since the capacity of one rickshaw is 2 people, it will be 2 or more from 3 people.
​ * Additional extensions and arrangements for Gion are possible upon request.
​ * Payment method is cash or QR payment.


1 person use: 1 unit 17,000 yen

For 2 or more people: 1 to 11,250 yen / person

​Rental bicycle PiPPA
The city of Kyoto is perfect for cycling because the main tourist destinations are concentrated. There is no traffic jam or waiting for parking, so you can enjoy sightseeing efficiently.
​ There is a PiPPA port on the premises of the hotel, so feel free to enjoy it.
Temporary use
110 yen / every 30 minutes
550 yen / 5 hours
Use day pass
​Celebrate the anniversary
​Surprise production
​If you are planning to propose, or if you want to prepare for the celebration without telling the protagonist, all the staff will cooperate, so please feel free to contact us.
[Examples where cooperation is possible]
・ Reservation agency for cakes and bouquets ・ Video projection ・ Room decoration ・ Gift storage ・ Instax rental
​We also cooperate with celebrations and surprises such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and longevity celebrations. Some people have proposed in the past.
Room decoration
​If you would like to decorate your room, you can bring it in by yourself, or you can decorate it with free hotel decorations.
[Free decorations]
・ Swan towel art ・ Petals ・ Balloons ・ Character decoration "happy Birthday" ・ Illuminations
​Working environment suitable for telework
[Equipped with Wi-Fi]
Each room is equipped with free Wi-Fi.
​ The line speed is also comfortable. Remote meetings are also possible.
[There is a study]
There is a study suitable for PC work.
​ Please also request to rent a table lamp.
Recommended for those who are tired of long-lasting telework at home and who want to work or work in a different environment than usual.
[HDMI cable can be rented]
It is possible to connect a PC or mobile phone to the LCD TV. It can also be used for meetings.
【power supply】
Multiple outlets and extension cords can be rented in the rooms required for work.
Live in a hotel
​Facilities and environment suitable for medium- to long-term stays such as long-term business trips, temporary housing until moving, and temporary cohabitation.
​3 Reasons for Long Stay
All rooms are spacious with a size of 40 m2 or more, making it comfortable for medium- to long-term stays with a lot of luggage.
A 4-minute walk from Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Subway Line. The bus stop that circulates in the city is across the road. There is a convenience store next door.
All rooms are equipped with kitchen / cooking utensils / tableware / washing machine with dryer (with detergent) / LCD TV / Wi-Fi.
Travel mood in a short time
​Bringing in meals
​You can use it in various situations such as bringing in meals and having a party or gathering with friends.
[Usage example]
・ Lunch use ・ Women's party ・ Break ・ Party
・ Telework ・ Meeting ・ Personal photography ・ Birthday party etc.

[Available time]
9:00 to 22:00 (cannot be extended after 22:00)
It can be used from 2 hours.

* Please make a reservation from the dedicated site.
You can use it not only for staying but also for a day trip for only a few hours. It is possible to spend time according to the purpose while enjoying the feeling of traveling.
Commercial use
Recommended for those who want to use it for commercial purposes such as still shooting and video shooting.
[Usage example]
・ Product photography ・ Model photography ・ Classroom ・ PV photography, etc.

[Location use]
June 2020 "Detective Rintaro Yuri" / Fuji TV
September 2020 "Continued on TV on TV" / Yomiuri TV

​ * Please contact us by e-mail ( ) for inquiries regarding location use .
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