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​Enjoy first-class taste in an extraordinary space

You can spend your precious time and anniversaries with your family and friends while tasting first-class cuisine.

Feel the extraordinary in your daily life through cooking, and enjoy first-class cooking in a more familiar place.
It can be used in various situations in the private space of a hotel room.


We have prepared a seasonal course that can only be enjoyed at HOTEL MASTAY Jingu-do.

[Complete reservation system] Due to its popularity, please contact us as soon as possible if you wish.
* All prices include tax.

* Separate business trip fee required: Supper 1,000 yen / Breakfast 500 yen

HOTEL MASTAY Jingu Michi Spring Special Menu
Feel spring, feel Kyoto

[Menu contents]
・ Cold capellini of strawberries picked in the morning

・ Insalata of cherry salmon and local vegetables

・ Kyoto Akajidori Clam White Asparagus Warm Soup

・ Sansai white fish Sakura shrimp with frit mist karasumi

・ Spaghetti with sakura snapper and milt

・ Roasted beef (recommended for the production area and part at that time)  Asahori bamboo shoot Marsala sauce truffle scent

[Dessert] Junmai Ginjo lees semifreddo sake jelly

[Tea confectionery] Matcha raw chocolate drip coffee

​ ¥ 11,000 / 1 person

​* Ingredients may change depending on the purchasing situation.


Standard course

Amuse, soup, appetizer, pasta, meat dish, dessert all 6 dishes


2 kinds of pasta course

A full course of 7 dishes including 2 types of cold and hot pasta


Full course plan

A full course of 7 dishes with upgraded ingredients of 2 kinds of pasta course


Children's plate

Meat spaghetti chicken fried bread soup


Oribako hors d'oeuvre

Assorted 13 to 15 kinds of appetizers. It is colorfully included in the folding box.


Course-tailored catering

Amuse, soup, appetizer, pasta, main course, dessert

Focaccia full course tailoring.

The pasta and main are styled so that the customer can finish them while looking at the explanation, so you can enjoy them fresh.

​¥ 6,050 / 1 person

​¥ 7,700 / 1 person

​¥ 13,200 / 1 person

​¥ 1,100 / 1 person

​¥ 2,160 / 1 person

​¥ 5,400 / 1 person


~ Fresh omelet and drip coffee ~

Omelet made on the spot, freshly brewed drip coffee, salad, ham, 2 kinds of bread, soup, yogurt, fruit set

Local cooking time is about 20 minutes.


~ Parma ham salad and focaccia breakfast set ~

Parma ham salad, Spanish omelet and focaccia, yogurt and fruit set to make that morning

​¥ 2,160 / 1 person

​¥ 1,620 / 1 person

​Possible correspondence
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Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.​ We will prepare a plate with a message according to.

If you have any questions or requests
​ Please feel free to tell us.

【Baby Food】

​Please feel free to contact us if you would like baby food.


[Other support]

If you have any allergies or foods that you are not good at, please let us know.

Pasto Generale Ryo Sakatsuji

1999. After graduating from university, go to the culinary path

Cooking restaurants centered on Italian restaurants such as Canobiano Kyoto

But study hard

2008. Restaurant Tail Pinpante Chef

2012.   Ristorante tvb chef

2017.   Pasto Generale opened