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Instagramからの応募で 921円で泊まれちゃう⁉ (2).jpg
HOTEL MASTAY Jingu Michi is very pleased to have many people participate in the 2nd anniversary campaign.
​ I look forward to working with you in the third year.
21 new copies will be resold due to popularity!
​ The sales period has also been extended!
Vol.1   9/1 ~ 10/12
​Up to half price! Premium accommodation voucher that can be used in the future
We will sell 2 types of premium accommodation vouchers, 21 pairs each on a first-come, first-served basis.
2nd     9/15 ~ 9/28
On birthday​ Invite to the suite with "9"!
Named after September, the opening month
​ We invite only 2 groups of people who have "9" on their birthday.
3rd     9/29 ~ 10/12
​Instagram planning! You can stay for 921 yen! ??
A total of 6 groups can stay for 921 yen
​ Win a coupon.

​The first is up to half price! Premium accommodation voucher that can be used in the future

21 new copies will be resold due to popularity!​
The sales period has also been extended!
[Sales period] 9/1 (Wednesday) -9/14 (Tuesday) 9/1 (Wednesday) -10/12 (Tuesday)
[Number of sales] 21 for each of A and B, limited to the first-come-first-served basis (named after the opening date) 
[Purchase method] You can purchase from the following shops.
[Usage period] Until December 20, 2021
[Details] A: Accommodation vouchers worth 60,000 yen are sold for 30,000 yen (recommended for suites or stays of 3 nights or more)
B: Accommodation vouchers worth 20,000 yen are sold for 12,000 yen (recommended for those who stay for 2 nights in Zhu / Kou)
[Remarks] Applies only to the "Standard Plan".
The sale has ended.
Thank you for your purchase.

2nd edition Only for those who have "9" on their birthday!
​ Invitation of 2 groups to the 90㎡ finest suite

[Application period] 9/15 (Wednesday) -9/28 (Tuesday)
[Target] Those who have "9" on their birthday (example: born in September, born on 19th of March, etc.)
* 9 included in the Christian era and era is not applicable.
​ [Number of winning groups] 2 groups
​ [Winning date] We will contact you by email on Saturday, October 2nd.
[Details] Free invitation to a suite room worth 80,000 yen per night [Remarks]
・ Please present your ID (driver's license / health insurance card, etc.) to confirm your birthday at check-in.
・ Room selection is not possible ・ Up to 8 adults and 2 children (under 6 years old) can stay
Thank you for your many applications.

Stay in the best 90㎡ suite for 921 yen! ??
An Instagram campaign will be held where you can win super-profitable coupons associated with the opening day!

[Application period] 9/29 (Wednesday) to 10/12 (Tuesday)
[Target] Those who have an Instagram account (key accounts are not applicable)
​ [Number of Winners] 1 suite, 2 滄, 3 Zhu, 6 pairs in total [Details] You will win a coupon that allows you to stay for 921 yen.
[How to apply] Like the post of the 3rd project of HOTEL MASTAY Jingu Michi (@hotel_mastay) on Instagram! & Account follow
​ [Winning date] 10/16 (Sat) We will contact the winners by DM.
​ [Remarks] ・ Room type cannot be selected. ・ If you are not followed on the winning day, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
The application deadline.
Thank you for your many applications.
Winners will be on Instagram DM on Saturday, October 16th
​ We will contact you.
For inquiries, please chat or use the inquiry form.
​ Please feel free to tell us.
Under implementation of new coronavirus infection control
~ Request to customers ~
All guests should wear masks in common areas​ I am asking you.
We will measure the temperature when you come to the museum.
​ Those who are not in good physical condition and those whose body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher
​ We may refuse your stay due to unavoidable circumstances.
Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands when you come to the museum.
Alcohol disinfection for carrying when visiting
​ Please use it as it is distributed.
-Measures for shared areas, guest rooms, and staff in the building-
Thorough alcohol disinfection centered on areas that are touched by many hands,
The staff also disinfects hands and fingers.
For regular ventilation of common areas and guest rooms
​ The window may be open.
Physical condition management and temperature measurement at work
​ In addition, we are thoroughly responding by wearing a mask.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
​Recommended plan
京都ホテル 客室内
​special offer!
Full long-term stay plan
For a limited time!
​ Vaccine support plan
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