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All rooms are equipped with a washing machine, kitchen and cooking utensils
so it is good to stay here for medium- and long-term as well.
Enjoy the rich colors of the room and the interior design.
We hope you enjoy your stay.

スクリーンショット 2021-10-31 132727.png
[Kyoto citizens only]
​ Kyoto charm rediscovery project

This is a campaign to support the local community by having Kyoto residents enjoy traveling in Kyoto Prefecture through accommodation discounts, travel discounts, and distribution of coupons.

京都 京都旅行 京都ホテル
[Limited sale]
​ Vaccine support plan

This is a special discount plan for customers who have been vaccinated twice with the new coronavirus vaccine. For a limited time, don't miss it! 

【special offer】
Full long-term stay plan

It is a monthly subscription plan that can be used from one month.

Please feel free to contact us for room tours and schedule consultations.

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