The Higashiyama-Okazaki area, where our hotel is located, is a city of history and art.​
In a wonderful urban landscape overlooking Higashiyama, there are museums, cultural assets, and gardens.
​< Required Time to Get to Each Tourist Attractions from our hotel >
​Heian-jingu Shrine
京都 平安神宮 大鳥居
5-minute walk
​15-minute walk
​Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
京都 京セラ美術館 HOTEL MASTAY 神宮道 観光 美術館
​5-minute walk
Photo: Koroda Takeru
​Keage Incline
京都 桜 蹴上インクライン
14-minute walk
​Nanzen-ji Temp
​15-minute walk
​Nanzen-ji Temp
​7-minute walk
​Yasaka Shrine
京都 八坂神社 祇園 桜 
​12-minute walk
Zenrin-ji (Eikan-do) 
​17-minute walk
​Nishiki Market
​26-minute walk